What is Optomap®?

At Wink i Wear every eye exam includes an optomap® Retinal Scan for no additional charge.  But, why do we include this as part of our exams?

Your retina is located in the back of your eye.  Optimap® integrated with regular eye exams can facilitate early protection from retina disease, vision impairment and blindness.  Also, due to the fact that the retina is the only place in your body where blood vessels can be seen directly, the retina often shows signs of diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer diabetes even before you have other symptoms.  This is made possible by the optimap®’s unique ultra-wide anatomically correct, digital,200° view that is produced utilizing laser technology.  According the to Optomap.com website “It is the only technology that can capture 82% view of your retina at one time.”  A traditional eye exam without optomap® only captures a 45° view encompassing only 15% of the retina at one time.

Eye exams do include a look at the front of your eye and evaluate prescription needs and the general health of your eye.  Including an optomap® retinal scan is critical to verify your eye health.

Now, some people might read the term “laser technology” and start to question how safe an optimap® retinal scan is? There have been over 65 million scans completed to date, as was a over 600 published and ongoing clinical trials and there have been no adverse health effects reported.  It is also safe for children and often can aid in detecting vision problems that begin very early in childhood.  

Check out this video from Optos.com that profiles the benefits of the optomap® retinal scan.

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