Look Beautiful
Choose the right frame

Everyone has their own unique style and optical prescription.  Heads, faces and facial features come in all shapes and sizes.  Let a friendly Optician lend a hand by suggesting frames that will be suitable, and eliminating ones that are not.

How do you see what you look like in new frames if you're not wearing your glasses? The answer is the Visioffice® virtual mirror. Capture your image from different angles while trying on frames.  Once you put your own glasses back on, you can examine the photos side-by-side and select a style with confidence.

See Beautifully
Accurate Lens & Frame Fitting

So you’ve got a new prescription and found the perfect frame.  We make choosing lenses easy by recommending the right lenses for your lifestyle & visual needs.  Properly fitted lenses are essential to helping you see your best.  Come experience the science of Visioffice®, the advanced digital measurement system at Wink i Wear.

before and after the sale

Before you buy: Your eyes are your window to the world, therefore it’s imperative to take proper care of them.  Eye exams are recommended every 2 years, and more frequently with certain medical conditions that may affect your vision.  At Wink i Wear we refer you to competent local Optometrists who will see you in a timely fashion.

We continue to care:  FREE ultrasonic cleaning, frame adjustments and nose-pad replacements for the life of your spectacles.  Accidents happen & we offer eyewear repair services for those ‘Oops’ moments.


We’re happy to sell you a frame you love, but believe that optimal vision is achieved with accurate measurements taken by licensed Opticians.  If you don’t live in Kelowna, and require prescription lenses into one of our frames, please take the frame to a licensed optician in your area.

We are Canada’s 1st retailer of Enchroma eyewear.  Enchroma lenses help people with colour-blindness to see colours, enhance the vibrancy and saturation of certain colours and improve colour discrimination, depth and detail perception. Click here to take the online colour vision test, or call us for an appointment to come in and try them out.