Frame of the Week - Laurence

back french handmade eyeglasses by Pierre Eyewear. Frame your eyes with the enduring style of this bold cat-eye shape. Premium, layered sapphire & havana acetate compliment each other and the wearer. ooo-la-la!!

Patience and determination are two hallmarks of designer Pierre Cariven. From his youth, fashion and design have been his passions (he is a devoted admirer of Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and his 911). For practical reasons he pursued business school, graduating at age 21.From there, his attraction to novelty and change drew him to the United States. During his ten-year stay there he discovered the eyewear world while participating in the development of the collections of Lacoste, L’Amy et Nina Ricci. Upon returning to France, his collaboration with several creators renewed his own creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Why not set free his personal inspiration and create his own collection? His style is subtile and ingenious, alluring yet pure. The clever forms are enhanced by a careful choice of colours. His motto: Harmony of elegance and simplicity. Above all, eyewear should be an object of beauty. Above and beyond being a fashion accessory, it can be a work of art! An ergonomic and comfortable object, naturally, but also one that is a pleasure to look at, to possess and, of course, to wear.